Document covers 

Covers with outstanding design and your branding are a way to catch the eye, draw attention to new products and offers and also protect and present the documents.

The classic document covers are in A4 size, but we can also make a special size covers and you can also add business card slots or pockets to the cover. The covers can be laminated with both matte and glossy film.

A notebook doesn’t have to be boring! Our machinery allows you to choose from a variety of printing technologies that meets the needs you have for your notebooks. We make theses with both soft and hard covers as well as leather covers. The content can be checkered, linear or with blank white pages.

When choosing how to bind your notebook, we take into account both your preferences and the number of pages. You can choose between staple, glue, hard and comb bindings. The classic format is A6, A5 or A4, but if you wish, we can also make special-sized notebooks and also custom-made calendar notebooks.




Not a fan of the binders they offer in an office supply store? But document management is an important part of everyday work? It’s OK, we design and manufacture the binders that suit your needs. This can turn document management into a pleasurable task!

We usually make the binders from plastic and in sizes you wish. Your existing design is doable but if needed we can also help you create an outstanding design.